Rapunzel Suite

Aquí teniu un carrusel. Passeu per les imatges, toqueu amb el dit a esquerra o a dreta, o toqueu en els botons anterior i següent.
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  • Internet sense fil
  • Escales
  • Llit de matrimoni gran
  • Calefacció
  • Servei d''habitacions diari
  • Es proporcionen barnussos
  • Bany
  • Escriptori
  • Televisió
  • Vistes
  • Ventiladors de sostre
  • Assecador
  • Tovalloles i llençols
  • Dutxa - Independent
  • Planxa/taula de planxar
  • Linen Provided
  • Accés a Internet de banda ampla
  • Balcó
  • No fumadors
  • Cafetera/tetera

The Rapunzel Suite is located on the third floor and is one of our larger bedrooms.  It has a queen-sized bed with the headboard canopy created from a portion of window molding from an 18th-century French mansion.  A TV on a rolling stand is available to view your favorite Netflix movies.  For the adventuresome couple, a short passageway leads onto an open balcony in the oriel. Guests have a wonderful view of Front Street and downtown Milford from here.  A newly renovated bathroom which contains a shower and a slipper bathtub is located within the suite as well. The rate is $190 per night.  (There is no sales or lodging tax.)

The suite's name comes from the 1812 Brothers Grimm fairy tale "Rapunzel". The line from that tale, "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair" is spoken by a Prince calling to a Maiden locked in a tower. He wants her to let down her long braids of hair so that he may climb up them to reach her. If Rapunzel stayed in this room she could do just that, because the tower porch is open to the outside and would allow her to gain access to her suitor - if her braids were very, very long. 

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