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The Towers Suite

The Tower Room is located on the second floor and overlooks historic Front Street. It has a queen-sized bed and features a luxurious bathroom with a deep slipper tub and separate shower. A TV on a stand is available to view your favorites on Netflix.  The rate is $230 per night.   (There is no sales or lodging tax.)

The Tower Room is ideal for guests who like bright, sunny rooms with lots of window space.  The large stained-glass fan pattern window in the bathroom creates fascinating plays of light in the room. In one corner of the Tower Room there is a small, circular sitting area. This is the enclosed interior space of the corner tower (technically an "oriel") that is a defining feature of the building's exterior. These rooms provide excellent views onto the historic buildings of Front Street.

Guest desiring two bedrooms with a shared bathroom can use the adjoining Burton Room which has twin beds.  The rate for the use of both rooms is $300 per night.   


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