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Garden Room

The Garden Room is located on the second floor and overlooks the garden. It has a queen size bed, a large window seat and a sitting area with comfortable swivel chairs.  The bathroom has been recently renovated adding the luxury of modern facilities but keeping the charm of a Victorian bathroom. While the bathroom is adjacent to the bedroom and is private, it is accessed via the hall. A TV on a stand is tucked away in the closet and can be easily positioned to view your favorites on Netflix.  The rate is $190 per night.  (There is no sales or lodging tax.)

This is the quietest guestroom as it is on the garden side of the house. Most of one wall is taken up with a triple window and window seat that faces north and provides an excellent view of the garden. Over the bed hangs a painting on a large porcelain disk. It depicts the goddess Venus (or Aphrodite) and her son Cupid (or Eros). The goddess, who is jealous of the beauty of a mortal woman named Psyche, is sending her son off to use his golden arrows to cause Psyche to fall in love with the ugliest man on earth. (Cupid agreed--but then fell in love with Psyche after he accidentally pricked himself with his arrow!)


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